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What does it mean to you?  

You may think that is an odd question to start a blog off with, but let me tell you about the significance and why I find 365 inspiring.

As I sat around trying to figure out how I was going to start my new blog, thanks to a social networking site, I saw something that really inspired me.  A lady (who shall remain nameless) has a photo album called “365”.  I was curious what 365 signified.   I paid no attention to it as I clicked away looking picture after picture and thinking how gorgeous her photos were.  It wasn’t until I read the album information to find out she was taking a daily picture and posting it for all of us to see.  What a unique and fantastic idea!   

Some of the pictures are of her children, the things around her home, the experiences she and her family shared, a wedding, a flower, a bug or a book.  These must be items that inspired her for the day, these items must have left a lasting thought with her and she’s thoughtful enough to share them with us.  When I saw that she is dedicated enough to get her camera out and take a picture every day and share it with the rest of us; I thought to myself, how can I not start on this blog?  If she can take a daily picture, I can surely write once a week!

It’s amazing to me how maybe once before I may have thought, ‘who has time to do that?’  Well you know what?   We all do!   We all have time to follow our dreams, be as creative as we want and share it with those around us.   I found “365” very inspiring and hope one day I inspire, even if only one, to do what he or she doesn’t have the courage to do and take a leap of faith!

My goals right now, although not as lofty as 365 is to: 

  1. Spend as much of the daylight with our daughter and enjoy playing, making a mess, and teaching her things that I can, and be a positive role model because I know there is so little time in life and before I blink she’ll be raising a family of her own.
  2. Say a minimum of one encouraging comment to my husband daily and let him know how much I love him and how important he is to our family.
  3. Continue with my doula-ship, which includes helping families achieve the birth of their choice.
  4. Continue upgrading and improving my website.
  5. Write in this blog, once a week!

 And so…. the life of Birthing Mothers Doula Services blog begins!


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