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Well, I guess my writing every Sunday has come to an epic fail.   Who has the time?!   That’s what I keep telling myself.   Between being a mommy… oh wait a 6.5 month pregnant mommy, score keep mens rec hockey, teaching prenatal classes for the Calgary Health Region, and being a doula I struggle with finding the time to even wash the floors!   I try very hard not to go on the computer during the day when our daughter is awake because she is very aware of the computer and often says, “no email mommy!” so it’s just not worth it to me.

A friend of mine posted this link in facebook the other day, ok well like a week or more ago now.   I’ve read it all, it is long but they have it broken down into chapters so it’s quite interesting the little things you can learn.

I hope you enjoy.

Strollers, Baby Carriers, and Infant Stress:
Horizontal Versus Upright Transport in Early Infancy

~ Meagan


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